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How to properly fit and use a cane

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  • How to properly fit and use a cane

    Many people have canes set far too high and/or do not plant it properly in stride. Here are some tips I learned from Leki and my PT sis, Karen.

    How to fit a cane: Stand up straight with shoes on and your arms at your side. The top of the cane should come up to the crease on the underside of your wrist. When using the cane, your elbow should be bent slightly, about 15-20 degrees.

    How to use a cane: The cane should ideally be used on your strong leg side. It should always be planted on the opposite side of the leading leg. So if you are using your right hand (since your right leg is strong) to hold the cane, it should land at the same time you plant your left leg (your weak leg). The cane should not be used "in place of the leg" where the cane and lead leg are on the same side.

    I plan a more detailed review of cane options in the future, especially as I have been using one regularly to handle looong days on the feet (e.g., all-day car geek conventions). For the time being, see our trekking pole review for tips:
    Dave Bexfield