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I Tried IT (Bioness L300 Plus)!!!

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  • I Tried IT (Bioness L300 Plus)!!!

    I tried out the New Bioness L300 plus for the quadriceps. The rep was kind enough to come out to my house. I already owned the bioness L300 for foot drop for several years. It still works great. It has been a very good investment for me.

    The bioness L300 Plus is a muscle stimulator for the quads. It can be set to stimulate the quads or the hamstrings - where ever the muscles are weak. However it can't do both at the same time. I did try the hamstring mode, but I it made me more unstable.

    I needed it more for the quads. My thighs get the feeling like they want to buckle going down hills and at other inopportune times. I have a steep hill in the backyard that over the years has gone from being easy to walk down to looking threatening. The rep first applied it on one thigh along with the bottom part for the foot drop. The two parts can be used separately. I used both due to my needs.

    Going down the hill before it was turned on made my heart pound with fear. I slowly walked down with great difficulty and concern over falling. Then the rep turned it on at the bottom of the hill. I climbed up and down the hill like a goat when it was on. My stability increased as well as the ability to climb up and down the hill. My speed increased dramatically. I didn't need my nordic poles to go up and down the hill where as before I needed it. It worked great.

    Then I had her apply the other "good" leg with the unit. My walking balance, strength, speed improved even better. It improved my overall gait. My good leg tends to overcompensate for the bad leg, so it fatigues easy. Even though technically I don't have foot drop my heel catches on the ground off and on. The bioness resolved this issue and helped to strengthen my quad so I had more stability. Even though this leg does not officially need the bioness when used with the other set, it made me feel like my legs weren't as heavy, like I could do more. It gave my muscles the feeling of strength. I had more confidence in my walking.

    The rep had me do squats with the bioness on and off. When they are turned off I could not go down very far and felt unstable. With them on, I could go down much deeper and my muscles felt more activated or turned on. It felt like the exercise was more effective.

    The next two days after trying the device my quads have been sore, weak feeling. I believe I ran up and down the hill so many times (she told me to stop, but I over did it) that I wore out my quads. So I have been recooperating.

    I am very impressed with the improved bioness L300 plus. I would love to have a set of them. They run in the $4000. range. I feel I really need the pair and an additional unit for my good foot. One day I hope to save up for them. Insurance usually does not cover the units. They are well worth the investment to keep your body walking and moving.

    For me to get the set for both thighs it would be $8000 or more and I would need the foot drop portion for my good leg, which I think runs an additional $8000 ish.

    Currently the only people who get medical coverage have an incomplete spinal injury. However, the rep said if you appeal many times sometimes you can get the insurance to approve. She said the people who get coverage fight and there neuro will also fight for them.

    The only thing I can do is pray that someone makes it possible.

    Oh, if you want to participate in a trial with these, there is one going on she said in Long Beach or LA area. She wasn't sure of the area but she said that you have to travel to the facility every 4 weeks or so.

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    Joy, the Bioness sounds like it can really help. Thanks for the detailed and thorough review! Keep bugging your insurance company. Sometimes it actually works. And the more people who bug, the better.

    I don't know if I'm a good candidate for either the regular or the plus, but I'll talk to my PT sis in more detail about the option....
    Dave Bexfield


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      Stay as far away from Bioness as possible

      My wife has owns both the Bioness L300 Plus and the Bioness H20. We have found that the equipment has had some benefit, but not as much as Bioness leads one to believe. Regardless, the equipment is very poorly designed. For example, the thigh unit on L300 Plus is designed in such a way as to come undone when one pulls down his or her pants to use the toilet. Moreover, the control (brains) piece on the thigh unit is on the inside of the leg, so if one "leaks" a bit over $6,000 worth of electronics can be ruined. The company itself is absolutely the worst. It is a money grubbing operation, which explains the poor design of the units. They had to get it into the market quickly in order to make more money, and due to the need to make more money, neglected to pay attention to their units' designs. Indeed, we were specifically defrauded by Bioness. My wife had a L300 unit. When Bioness came out with the L300 Plus, my wife wanted to get the Plus part, and that is what we ordered. However, we were told that she could not by the "Plus" part alone. She had to buy the entire unit. We then agreed that Bioness would supply the complete L300 Plus unit and take back and credit us for our L300 . Of course, when the L300 Plus came, Bioness refused to take back or credit us for the original L 300. Moreover, we had purchased extra chargers and foot sensors for the L300 (everything is outrageously expensive from Bioness). After the fact, Bioness informed us that these would not work with the L300 Plus and refused to help with these extra items--of course, after Bioness had agreed to supply replacements for these extra items at no cost to us. And, if you decide to go through the grief of dealing with the Bioness money grubbers, make sure you understand the ongoing costs associated with the unit. Specifically, they have you locked in, so they can charge whatever they want for the supplies you need to use the units. So be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars for supplies each year, which supplies are only available from Bioness. We would very strongly recommend that you cheek out the Walk Aid, which is an alternative to Bioness, before doing business with the money grubbers at Bioness. While we are not certain of this, we believe the Walk Aid may be significantly less expensive than the Bioness, particularly when the supplies are considered. We feel very strongly about companies, such as Bioness, that prey on those who have suffered debilitating injuries or illnesses. Before doing business with Bioness, be sure to consider all alternatives. Bioness should be your choice of last resort.


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        Thank you for your post

        I could not have written a better post about the equipment you wrote about. I am looking into the Walk-Aid Device and I 'ran across' your post about the Bioness. I tried the Bioness years ago and the PT that showed me how to use it was new and I hurt my left (good) leg. The dorsi-flexion of my right foot needs assistance and maybe the Walk Aid will help my situation.

        Thank you again.

        In Health!

        Dr. Dena, Holistic Nutritionist


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          Unfortunately and $6000 later (my insurance did not cover), I have not had good results at all with the Bioness L300 system. The customer support has been dismal and, I hate to post these negative reviews but, if it saves just one person from having to go through what I have been through with Bioness, it is worth it. Once they sold me the product, they would have me go 20 miles away from where I live for adjustments. I have disabilities and Multiple Sclerosis and this was not an easy task for me. I finally gave up going and they refused to meet me anywhere closer for any further adjustments. Please don't make the mistake I made, research the reviews THOROUGHLY, before buying this system. The time frame for which to return it expired due to all the back and forth with the adjustments and they will not refund a penny. I am still paying $355 a month for a product that did not work for me and the company is heartless - they do not care - they take your money and turn their back on you. I am disabled with very low income and this has been a HUGE sacrifice for something I am not getting use out of.


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            L300 could not replace AFO

            After wearing an AFO for seven years, I just completed the month trial for an L300. The device performed as promised by Bioness; however, it could not provide the same support as the AFO. I did get used to the stimulation and the device allowed me to walk for a short distance with only a cane. The problem for me, however, was that it offered no support when my leg became fatigued. After all these years with an AFO, my muscles are not as strong and I do need the extra support.

            If you haven't worn an AFO for long, I do recommend trying the L300. The Bioness clinician was extremely helpful.

            One word about used devices: Do not try one if Bioness does not support it. I don't see how you could fit the L300 properly on your own. The clinician has to place the electrodes in the right position.


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              Bioness (R) Plus

              I have a never used, right leg system, still sealed from the manufacturer Bioness l300 plus. New from the manufacturer they are about $13,000. I am asking $9,500. If interested please email me at
              Copied from the Bioness website:
              The NESS L300 Plus System consists of 4 main components: a thigh cuff that fits above the knee on the quads or hamstrings, a lightweight cuff that fits below the knee, a small gait sensor placed in the shoe, and a wireless control unit.
              All of which communicate wirelessly, eliminating the need for troublesome externally worn wires and connectors, making the system simple and easy to use.
              While walking, the patented Gait Sensor detects the position of the foot and transmits wireless signals to synchronize the electrical pulses delivered by the Stimulation Units on the leg and Thigh Cuff.
              The pulses from the Leg cuff activate the nerves, stimulating the muscles that cause the foot to lift off the ground at the appropriate time during gait.
              The pulses from the Thigh Cuff activate the nerves, stimulating the quadriceps muscles that cause the knee to extend at the appropriate time during gait.
              The Thigh Cuff may also be worn on the back of the leg, stimulating the hamstring muscles that cause the knee to flex at the appropriate time during gait.
              The wireless control unit allows simple operation while displaying real time information regarding the systemís status.
              Get in step with the latest breakthrough in gait rehabilitation. Enjoy the freedom of walking more naturally with the NESS L300 Plus System.
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