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US sports scientists research best cooling vest for Olympians

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  • US sports scientists research best cooling vest for Olympians

    I saw an interview with US Olympian Deena Kastor, marathoner, wearing a cooling vest made by ArcticHeat (one of the vests we reviewed and ranked highest for athletics). She doesn't wear it during the event, but she talked about how body cooling prior to the 26-mile race could give that extra advantage. Incidentally, the US team and other international teams dropped a Nike-designed cooling vest in favor of the ArcticHeat version.

    In a recent interview, here is what she said about using the vest:

    The USOC sports scientists seem to have been very helpful to our marathoners in preparing for Athens and Beijing, but this year they haven't said much about "tricks" they were planning for Beijing. Are you going to do anything unusual for this Olympic Marathon?DK: The only modification I make on race day is cooling my core temperature prior to the race with my Arctic Heat Ice Vest. This slim and lightweight vest doubles as a heat vest for the bitterness we can face during cross country season or a fall marathon! With a lot of research we found this to be the best ice vest on the market. I will also increase my fluid intake. I have practiced consuming larger volumes of Cytomax in training.

    Unfortunately with a broken bone in her foot, Deena was unable to finish the marathon.
    Dave Bexfield