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  • Heart rate monitor a useful tool

    My sister Kathryn recently gave me a heart rate monitor (HRM). Wearing it to the gym proved a few things that really made me wonder why I didn't get one sooner:

    1) I worked out harder, raising my heart rate and cadence, with faster music on my iPod. It was interesting to look down and see my heart rate climb with The Crystal Method and drop like a rock for Miles Davis (good for stretching).

    2) I made more of an effort to maintain a higher HR so my HRM wouldn't beep and illuminate a warning telling me I'm a wuss (well, technically that my HR was too low). Audio and bright LED visual cues are handy, especially if bad eyesight crops up due to heat.

    3) The machines at the gym are advanced enough to pick up the signal from my watch, so my HR displays directly on the exercise equipment. Great! Except that it also displayed on my wife's neighboring elliptical machine, too, so she could monitor my workout and check up on me when I popped over 150 bpm. A word of warning, you may lose a little privacy if you wear a HRM to the gym!
    Dave Bexfield

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    I have one too...I love it!
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