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AFO for running longer disances?

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  • AFO for running longer disances?

    I am still training away for my Ironman in 34 days, but who's counting. I have a noodle AFO in a slight down position( plantarflextion?) for biking and a blue rocker for running. I am just coming in from my 3 hour run- I can go about 2 hours then it feels like someone is whacking the middle of my shin with a 2x4. I would hate to think I would get 1/2 or 3/4 way through the marathon and have to stop because of pain. I just went through a 3 day iv steroid treatment last week and now I have too much feeling in my leg. Maybe numb was better- but I digress.
    Does anyone have any ideas suggestions? I have been back to the brace guy so many times he is out of ideas.
    Thanks Jill
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    Right, who's counting Jill.

    Anyway, although I'm not a runner, I had one thought on the shin pain which is to tape it up a little (or a lot) either before the pain starts or when it starts. Athletic tape helps me with my curling toes and hotspots on my foot from my cycling shoes. If I knew how to tape up a weak ankle, I'd try that too.

    How many hours a week are you putting in now anyway? Good luck, whatever happens.



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      Hi Larry,
      I have tried more padding less padding, side padding. Nothing works for long.
      Anyway I didn't really know how long my work outs were each week, but I use a online service , training peaks, anyway they keep a total.
      Man was I impressed no wonder I am tired and eat all the time. Between 18 - 20 hours a week.
      Last week I went to Placid for a training weekend and that week I biked 165 miles and ran 28.5 miles and swam about 4.5 miles. Usually the biking is slightly less miles.
      32 more days, if I survive.
      I am really worried about the shin pain though my coach wants me to just aqua jog for a while.
      Talk about boring running no where in a pool.
      I know keep my eye on the prize.


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        Hi Jill,

        You're in the home stretch! I am really excited for you. You can do this.

        I don't run with a brace, so I don't have a lot of insight on that, but I can tell you that if you aqua jog (as boring as it is), you won't lose fitness. So if your shin needs a rest, aqua jogging might be a really good idea for a few days.

        Does your shin hurt badly when you walk? Wondering if you did a run/walk combo, you could delay the 2x4 effect. In other words, instead of running for 2 hours straight, do a 1-2 minute walk every 10 minutes.