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BLOG: The Monster Wave of Getting Diagnosed (encore)

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  • BLOG: The Monster Wave of Getting Diagnosed (encore)

    Jeff, a friend of mine who is an expert surfer, regularly travels the world to find monster waves. In 2010 he was on a remote island in Indonesia riding in the swell of 14-footers when he got too low in the barrel and it crushed him, snapping his hip in two. Dragged onto the support boat, he survived a jarring ride to shore. But that was just the beginning. There were no paved roads and camp was a mile away. After one truck got stuck in thigh-deep mud, another came to the rescue. Unfortunately, the tow-rope snapped, forcing a team of men to carry Jeff through the thick jungle to camp, where he was set down on the facility’s lone solid surface: the dinner table....
    Dave Bexfield