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  • Horizant for RLS

    Has anyone tried this? My neuro prescribed it for me today because he believes my newly extended MS symptoms are really RLS.

    My question to him - yeah, I get restless legs at night sometimes, but the numbness/asleep-like tingling sensations extend through my body, mostly in the trunk/back area and parts of my face?

    His answer - Restless "Leg" Syndrome is a really bad name for the problem. It actually can affect any part of your body; it mostly affects the legs, but quite often affects the trunk/back area and the face. He said since my most recent brain MRI didn't show any new lesions or even any activity near my old friend lesion and my last neck MRI didn't show any lesions, he wants to see if I get relief with Horizant before he does a trunk/spine MRI.

    Being recently diagnosed in October 2012, looking here to see if anyone else has run up against this issue before or whether or not anyone has tried Horizant.

    thanks and be well,

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    UPDATE: I've been on this med for 5 weeks now and it's working wonders. It's a crazy med and totally jacked my mojo for the first three weeks. Now that it's in my system now, I feel much better. The tingly feeling that basically took over my body from my armpits down and part of my face have subsided. I occasionally have a flare, but it's just a small spot and quickly fades.

    Just thought I'd post this update to remind everyone to not assume every new symptom is MS related. It might be something totally unrelated or something related only due to the fact that MS exacerbates the symptom. Talk to your neuro.

    be well,