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    Hello All,
    I have not checked in in a while, sorry
    I just wanted to share my weekend story. I went to Austin TX to compete in the para triathlon National Championship. I will try not to fall into my selfpity pot, but it wasn't my best day ~ med tent ~IV ~ placed into kiddie pool full of ice ~puking~ had to use crutches next few days.
    But here is the great part of the story. I was there when awards were being given out and I hear Kelly Williamson's name. Then I remembered she was from Austin ( great city by the way) so I crutch over to meet her.I think I looked really bad, again she gave me great advice "I have 24 hours" to wallow in it then move on". When I got back to my hotel which was about 20 minutes from race venue, I am thinking to myself, ok maybe a few choice words and some tears, I will never be able to get bike apart and into bike box and into my car. No other athletes are staying at my hotel. I talk to my husband on the phone ( he is home with four teenagers ) and I think I am going to have to stay an extra day or so till I come around. I check my email and Kelly has send me a nice note about 24 hours only. I sit there and think about it ( Ok I fell into deep sleep for about two hours) I emailed her and asked if she knows anyone north of the city that could help me out. ( it's late on Memorial Day) Within a minute she emails back what hotel are you at. She shows up about 20 minutes later ( very cute in a sundress, not as tall as she looks in her pictures) takes my bike box to parking lot , someone had put my bike into my car for me, whips the bike out takes it apart and in the blink of an eye she has it in the case and in my car! All in a cute sundress on a holiday!!That is above and beyond in kindness...Dave make sure next time you talk to she to tell her she is awesome!!!!
    Now the story even gets better I am not sure when I get to New York how I am going to manage all my stuff to my car in a long term lot while on crutches. I had to fly to Orlando to get to NY. I am in airport and I hear my name. my nephew and his wife are on my flight and its southwest so we can all sit together. They got my stuff and my car and I was good to go.
    It is very hard for me to accept help and even harder for me to ask for it ~ I learned many things this weekend so maybe a horrible race was a good thing.....

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    From the race results I see Kelly placed second in her division (Pro Female), and 13th overall.

    I'm sorry the day didn't go the way you hoped. Glad it ended well, and sounds like you made a nice connection!


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      It sounds like you did an amazing job. Good for you. I'm learning that help is ok-I then try and pass on the help to someone else later on. By the way what is para triathalon?


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        para triathlon is a triathlon for people with physical disabilities. Currently there are 7 different classifications of disability. I am a Tri 3 Les Autres, including athletes with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, double leg amputation or paralysis in multiple limbs. Use a conventional bicycle or a tricycle and run with leg braces or prosthesis.


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          To add, a triathlon is a race involving 3 forms of movement - biking, swimming, and running. Is that right, sulgrifjewls?


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            Opps I forgot not everyone belongs to the "cult"
            Yes a swim, a bike then a run. This one was a sprint , the shortest, a 750 m swim, 20K bike then a 5K run.


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              Kelly is awesome, she's a good writer and always exhibits a professional, constructive attitude. I read her stuff religiously and have also felt the benefit of her words, especially in trying times.

              Sorry your last event didn't work out so well, I've been there too. Sometimes they just don't.
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