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    Here we are, smack dab in the middle of summer. With the first heat wave of the season a distant memory, I wasn't bothering anybody, just minding my own business, when a pesky relapse crept up behind me! Cog-fog, vertigo and exhaustion want to be my best buds right now.

    MS can bring out the master-mind of survival as we craft our strategies to manage the symptoms that at times are just plain overwhelming. I offer up to you The SILk Bag.

    I live in a two story house -- for now anyway. I keep telling myself when I forget to bring something downstairs or take something upstairs that all the going up and down is good exercise. Most days. But this week, Iíll resort to The SILk Bag with a smile on my face and a resounding ďBOO-YAH!Ē in your face, to MS.

    What the heck is The SILk bag and what on earth are you rambling about LivWell? Well, itís actually just a modest canvas tote bag, but it is full of The Stuff I LiKe. Itís got some magazines in it, along with my Kindle, laptop, ipod and phone charger, ear-buds, and the phone and order numbers for Sears. (Iíll tell you about cog-fog and trying to buy a new hot water heater another time.)

    The SILk Bag is going with me throughout the day because eventually Iíll wander back up stairs and want the magazine I left downstairs or Iíll need the power cord for the laptop or unfortunately call Sears again (they lost the order the first time, so much for relying on them to think clearly).

    But, best of all, it is my way of giving myself little bits of fun between calls to the insurance company and waiting for the plumber. A scaled down version of it will likely go with me to the doctorís office. It reminds me of the bag I hauled around for my kiddos over the years, with everything I thought they needed to keep us all happy! So, during these days of waiting for the old CNS to settle down The SILk Bag is my tiny summertime oasis.


    My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary

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    Classic, LivWell. Thanks for the post! It makes total sense that we all have our SILk bag handy, especially during relapses occurring in 2-story houses (yikes). I have one, too, and I find the phone the most helpful, because the darn thing always rings when I can't get to it in time. Alas I don't have a tablet not because I don't want one, but because my computer is 10 feet away from my sofa... and I reason that if I need to look at the internet or check my e-mail or waste time on Facebook, I can expend the energy to get to my computer.

    What's missing from your bag that would be in mine? I would probably also include a water bottle, a pen, and a small pad of paper. I wonder what other folks have in their bags (real or virtual)....
    Dave Bexfield