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Went biking ... on a high wire today!

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  • Went biking ... on a high wire today!

    Well, sort of. I went to a kid's museum in Albuquerque that has a two-story-tall high-wire bicycle ride. After I dared my friends to go, I figured I'd try it to. Sketchy balance? Why not! (I was also told that with the counterbalance under the bike, it was virtually impossible to tip ... a good thing.)

    I got strapped into a harness, securely attached to the bike, and pedaled out into the museum hall above a bunch of kids who were looking up and pointing at me. That's when I got cocky.

    I tried it no hands. And then the bike got a bit tippy, which freaked me out since a) I'm afraid of heights and b) see a). I quickly grabbed back on and hustled back the comfort of the platform and solid ground. Needless to say, I confirmed my suspicions that my days as a circus performer are well behind me!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Haha! That's great! It's a good thing that they made it impossible to tip off the wire!