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How do you deal with muscle spasms?

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  • How do you deal with muscle spasms?

    For about a week now I have been having muscle spasms on the right side of my body. My arm and leg mostly. I go to see my PCP in March but I was wondering if anyone had a hint to get it to subside without drugs. It has become quite annoying, especially when I splashed hot coffee on my hand! Although it was quite the talk of the party last night, I even had my 1 yr old copying my tremors lol!

    *The reason I say without drugs is because I got yelled at (by Elida at the MS specialty clinic) for using painkillers too much. So I am trying to cut back on those.
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    hmmm...without drugs? I often have those spasms and treat them differently.

    sometimes I take a paracetamol and see if that happens..sometimes I use alternative drugs (I smoke a joint) but think thats not really easy for you to get *grin*

    try warming the muscles and stretching a bit. taking a shower sometimes helps...

    hope you feel better soon.


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      Hi, I'm new to the boards. I've been DX'd w/ MS for 6 years. I don't have tremors, but I do go through periods of muscle spasms in various areas of the body. During the day not such a big deal, but it can affect getting and staying asleep for me. Things have gotten better since I started Tysabri (was on Copaxone before), but I still have the sets of spasms occasionally, especially when heat fatigue or stress sets in.

      My neuro (an MS Specialist) and neuropsych together put my drug plan together. I do not take any opiates (and don't ever want to). At night I always take 600mg of Neurontin and .50 of Klonipan. That usually does the trick.

      When the spasms were worse, I would take either Neurontin and/or Klonipan during the day. I've also just recently started seeing a Physical Medicine Doc that works with my Neuro. She explained that a non-meds way to work with muscle spasms was stretching and massage. I had twelve visits with an OT who taught me some techniques for preventing and dealing with the spasm and even when a muscle feels tight and pain.

      So, I would get with your Neuro about the spasms and ask about seeing a Physiatrist (Phys Med. Doc). Ask for OT and PT. Best wishes!