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Looking for advice on starting a Bike MS Team

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  • Looking for advice on starting a Bike MS Team

    I guess the title says it all. I'd like to create a team and join the MS ride next September in NJ. But where to start? How far in advance do you start recruiting teammates and fundraising? 8 months seems like too long a time. Plus, i'm one of those people who hates to harass people for money; any advice on how to effectively fund raise without being a bother?

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    Diana, I wouldn't think it's ever too early to start lining up teammates, 8 months doesn't seem that far away to me.

    I'm like you, I hate harassing people for money. One of the best ideas I heard last year from a top fund raiser, was to ask people to ask their friends and family to donate on your behalf. He said he raised a lot of his donations from people he didn't even know that way.

    I applaud your ambition, good luck, join us on and keep us informed on your efforts both on the bike and with the team.

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      Diana, this is actually a good time to start the process of organizing a team. I've been a team captain for the past 9 years. We started as a small band of 7 and through the years we have fluctuated up and down with an average of about 23 members yearly. I'd suggest you start with three things: (1) Right now think up a name, (2) as soon as the MS Society opens up registration, get your team and you registered. (3) Work on your compelling story. You have MS, therefore you have a compelling story....we all do.
      The fundraising part really can be terrifying at first, but it really is not that bad. I agree with AMFADVENTURES that it is very helpful to have friends/family ask their peeps for you...My brother always sends out my webpage for the ride, and through the years I have developed regular donors....most of whom I have never met, but once a year we "bond" with the Thank You email I send. You really have to get into the mindset that you are asking for money to end an awful disease......that affects so many people.
      And I believe the New Jersey Chapter has the same great online fundraising tools that NYC has.....this helps so can very easily, but personally send out emails to people, or your family can forward this on to their contacts......
      I'd be happy to answer any questions concerning is such a big part of my life.....maybe less so this time of year, but always in the back of my head. And besides all the fundraising stress, it is just good plain FUN.......a real feeling of community, and accomplishment. You'll love it, I know!! Good luck with it all!
      Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.