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Want to join a global team of MSers? Run A Myelin My Shoes

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  • Want to join a global team of MSers? Run A Myelin My Shoes


    I am a part of a global group of MSers called "Run A Myelin My Shoes" (or RAMMS). For the past two years we have organized ourselves around participating events associated with a big city marathon - 5k, half, full marathon etc.. In 2018 we organized around the Detroit marathon. For 2019 we organized around the Richmond, VA marathon. In addition to those meeting in person - we also have team members who participate remotely/virtually from wherever they live in the world. All seven continents and 20+ nations are represented in this manner - including Antarctica. Virtual/remote team-mates define their own "event" - everything from walking a child through a corn maze to swimming in cold open water in Canada, to hiking up table mountain in Capetown, South Africa.

    Our team tripled in size from the first event in 2018 (96 people for Detroit) to the second event in 2019 (287 people for Richmond). For 2020, we had planned to participate in the Indianapolis Marathon. Given the Covid situation, though, and the extra risks it presents to those with autoimmune conditions such as ours, early this year we elected to move to all virtual.

    Would love to have others join RAMMS.You can learn more about us by viewing the 18 minute documentary about below. And learn even more by visiting our website which is also below.



    To join our team, you will see a button on the home page of the web-site to click on. Or ask a question here.