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Muscle damage from injections?

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  • Muscle damage from injections?

    Does anyone have problems with pain when exercising after IM injections? I find that the better shape my quad muscle is in, the tougher it is to do the IM injections which causes muscle pain when I exercise... I am very active so can't really time it for a day when I am not doing anything. Any ideas for me?

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    I'm a runner and injecting my quads would put me out for several days with soreness. I now have my husband inject me and we rotate between my arms and my hips. I found that hips are the best-since there's so much meat there, I hardly feel it.
    I've explained to my neuros why I'm no longer using my legs as sites and they're fine with it.
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      What I do is take a warm bath to loosen the muscle before the shot. But I still get the hard lumps on my thighs that hurt but nearly as bad as before I started the bath regimen. I also take it Saturday night so I sleep through the worst of the side effects. Good luck!