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BEST MS resources for reliable information and research

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  • BEST MS resources for reliable information and research

    Over the years, ActiveMSers has amassed a team of professional experts, reputable organizations, and dependable websites to get the straight facts on multiple sclerosis. The sites, associations, and neurologists listed here have been thoroughly vetted and considered trustworthy, reliable resources for MS information. Please note, there are gobs more MS sites I frequent, and many are run by friends, but if I plug one buddy and accidentally miss another, gulp. So this certainly isn’t a complete MS directory, and some of your personal go-to’s might not be listed here. That may just be a gross oversight on my end, my bad. Or it may be absolutely intentional (sorry). There’s lots of misinformation out there, even from sites that purport to be legit. Tread carefully.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Thanks for this! This is especially helpful for those who are newly diagnosed. There is so much to sort thru, you don't know exactly who you can believe. This guide helps alot.