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  • Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hi everyone! Okay, by way of the obligatory background.......

    Had optic neuritis 2013 but didn't have MRI. Had some on and off again minor things over the years. Experienced internal tremor early in 2020. Diagnosed my MRI Oct 2020.

    Now that's out of the way.....

    I've joined this forum to motivate me to continue being active. I'm experiencing some lassitude due to fatigue. I also have intermittent arm weakness and occasional minor leg weakness. I'm a skier (downhill) so this concerns me. We have a trip booked in February to ski Banff/Lake Louise. I've skied The Rockies before so I have the ability. I'm somewhat concerned about fatigue. My balance remains good.

    I appreciate any advice or thoughts about this.

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    Welcome to the forum! 20 years for me, and the best advice I give myself and others are to keep moving, no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts! Get on a disease modifying drug as soon as you can, if you can. I was on Avonex for 18 years and it really slowed down my M.S. progression!
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      Pistachio, were you interested in MS advice? Or advice on Banff/Lake Louise??? Ha, because the first snowboard trip I took after getting diagnosed: Banff/Lake Louise! You are going to have a blast. It is drop-dead gorgeous. Sunshine and LL are so much fun. We stayed at the Fairmont, because why the hell not.
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        Welcome! I love downhill skiiing but have only skied the icy US north east. Have a great time on your trip! I hear it’s beautiful. My best advice is to listen to your body. Specifically, does it need rest, hydration, food, temp. cool down, breaks between runs? Also, be aware of conditions so you can judge the amount of energy you might need to expend, and if going alone on a trail, be sure let someone know. Enjoy!


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          Welcome, I'm in Ontario too. Don't let ms discourage you from doing what you love. I was a dirt biker but 2 wheels was getting dangerous so I bought an old atv so I can still ride with my sons! I went to lake louise 30 years ago-its beautiful. Enjoy your trip!


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            Thanks everyone! I am looking forward to skiing The Rockies again. Let's just hope covid allows it to happen.


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              Give it a go, you may be surprised at how much you can do, just be prepared to call it a day sooner than you used/would like to.

              example - 2 years after my diagnosis I booked a weeklong women’s mountain bike trip in Fernie, BC, I figured worst case scenario I spend some time in a beautiful chalet in the Rockies with a supply of local craft beer, unplugged from “normal life”. Turns out I kept up just fine, everyone else was just as exhausted as me, it did catch up with me afternoon of final day. As the group headed up the chairlift I headed to the outdoor patio and enjoyed a pint watching everyone come down the mountain. I was only briefly upset I wasn’t going for “one last run”, quickly turned to pride that I had a kick ass week. I went again the next summer.

              I do more road riding now, so glad I did those trips when I did, while I still could.
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