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My wheelchair-accessible shower

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  • My wheelchair-accessible shower

    I often get the question, Dave, can we see what your wheelchair-accessible shower looks like, ideally without seeing you naked? After much consideration, I put on clothes to give you a tour. Notice right away there are no walls on two sides (glass or otherwise) and no thresholds (the floor is gently sloped to the drain in the center), meaning full handicap access.

    When I shower, I move the portable shower chair (with a back rest—very important for safety) to the center of the shower and then transfer there from my wheelchair. Also note there are two shower heads, one permanently affixed up high, the other a shower wand, perfect for spraying down the entire bathroom after you accidentally drop it and it spins around like a incontinent eel attached to a ceiling fan. I've demonstrated the resulting facial expression that occurs when such things happen. So for Laura's sake, I primarily use the fixed shower head.

    Now to answer other pressing questions. Yes, the water largely stays in the shower as long as I leave the incontinent eel turned off (thankfully the entire bathroom floor is tile). And no, showering in such an open space is actually not that cold, even with the exhaust fan on. (Full disclosure, having radiant heat to toast up the floor makes this design far more palatable). Just out of view are two grab bars on the walls near my left arm, as is a stone bench adorned with liquid body soap, shampoo, and a bright pink puff, that according to my wife, "exfoliates and refreshes the skin." Sure. But when I point out that 40-grit sandpaper dolloped with soap would achieve essentially the same result, the argument tends to fall on deaf ears ... unless an incontinent eel is involved. Which as I discovered THAT ONE TIME, is not recommended. Also not recommended: vigorously scrubbing certain delicate body parts with a bath sponge. Trust me.

    Dave Bexfield

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    Very nice! My shower is quite large, with a very small lip so I can manage to get in it without trouble. I stayed at a Disney hotel once with a wheel-in shower big enough for 10 people. I didn't want to leave!
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