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  • Going To The Sun

    Hi All,

    I'm leaving on a 3700 mile motorcycle journey from Michigan to the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

    I've got two weeks off to do it and I think I can make it in this time. It's a bummer having to pack catheters as they are taking up my limited space, but this is my life now. It should be an interesting ride.

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    CV, if you can post a few updates on your travels, I think folks here would really appreciate it. If that's not possible, a recap at the end would be great. Have a fantastic time!
    Dave Bexfield


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      Going to the Sun

      OK Dave, I rode the Going To The Sun Road and must say it is a great ride. Most of the people drive cars, with a few motorcycles mixed in and the park provides busses for those that cant make the trip.

      There are great views on this road and I would highly recommend it. Im heading down towards Yellowstone tommorow. Talk to you later.


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        Beartooth Pass

        I rode from Billings MT to Yellowstone Park through US 212. One section of this road is called the Beartooth Pass. The views are amazing, even better than the Going To The Sun Road.

        The weather can change in an instant because as I was riding upwards in higher elevation, the weather was clear in the beggining but started to get little foggy in areas. As I reached the top it began to snow. It was dicey comming down not knowing if the road would freeze, having to constantly clear my visor of snow and negotiating tight turns.

        There were other bikers who were also taken by surprise and we made our way down at about 5 mph.

        Needless to say I would not attempt this ride again unless I was sure of the weather forecast ahead of time.


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          Glad to hear you made it down. Also glad to see you didn't try to get any pics of that trek. Sounds a touch dicey! Have never been to Yellowstone. It is most definitely on my list!
          Dave Bexfield


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            Yes, Yellowstone is amazing. I took pictures, but they don't do justice to seeing it for yourself.

            This was on the way up the beartooth pass:

            I ended up taking a ferry across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Muskegon to get home in time.

            Overall I rode about 6 hours a day on average which is about as much as I can do. I think the trip was better than I was expecting having to take all my MS gear (Copaxone & catheters).

            It was a great trip and would recommend both of the parks (Glacier and Yellowstone) to anyone who has interest.


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              Well this gives me hope. My husband really wants me to be able to ride on the back of his motorcycle again. I gave mine up a few years back because I kept tipping over. I don't officially have MS but the doctors tell me that it is a matter of time before they can officially diagnose it. I don't know if it is the new meds or I am continuing the slow decline I was in before the meds. Thanks for the posts. My husband and I have lots of wonderful memories of trips with our daughters on the back of our bikes.


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                I miss it already

                Hi Havingfun,

                I think about that trip a lot. I know of another person with MS who used to ride saddle soar events (1000 miles in 24 hours) but has given it up. But he has not given up riding and has a lot of tips that he uses to keep riding.

                Here is his website:


                Some of his stories are inspirational if you like to ride as well.


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                  Love the site. I laughed at the pictures of the motorcycle with beautiful scenery in the background. Something diehard riders do. People thought my husband and I were crazy laughing about wind picking up our bikes and moving them to the next lane on the highway in storms. My husband was right to sell my bike. I was tipping every time I attempted to ride. I will ride on the back of his again soon. The meds are beginning to work. Happy riding!


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                    I'm glad you to hear your meds are working and you can enjoy time with your husband.

                    Safe riding.