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My new exercise video is breaking the internet!

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  • My new exercise video is breaking the internet!

    Yours truly stars in this 3-minute video: WHAT EXERCISE DOES TO YOUR BODY WHEN YOU HAVE MS. It was produced by Bustle and is on Inverse (both apparently hip, ergo, they are out of my typical orbit). It took serious lifting from several teams. I wrote the entire script with full creative rein, Laura did the filming and lighting, a remote team from NYC did the live directing over cellphone, while another team did the editing, graphics, and postproduction. The shoot took all day, the fine tuning an extra month, but I think the end result was totally worth it to help educate others—235,000 and counting!—about the importance of MS and exercise. Alas the humorous kale smoothie and Wookiee bits got cut during editing, and they toned down some of my humor, but nevertheless it’s still all Dave goofiness.

    You’ll not only get the science behind why exercise is so critical when you have MS, you'll also get a brief tour of my accessible home including my kitchen, living room, bedroom(!), backyard, exercise studio, and even my neighborhood and fave bike trails. If you feel inspired, and you darn well better, please consider giving it the thumbs up, dropping a comment, and sharing it with your peeps. Enjoy!

    Dave Bexfield