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Urgent New advice given - get boosted ASAP !

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  • Urgent New advice given - get boosted ASAP !

    Because of evolving fluid situation with omicron, MSers on anticd20 DMT are advised by Dr. Gavin giovannoni to not wait for reconstitution of B cells to get vaccine or booster, and do it now to get whatever protection it gives ( hopefully some T cell immunity). Some of you may recall that this was the initial advice given by CDC and others last year, but because many pwms on anticd20 dmt didn’t have sufficient response to vaccine, strategies began to evolve for pwms to postpone booster until B cells repopulated some. In nutshell, just get booster. Stay well my friends, suebee
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    If you are on an anti-CD20 therapy waiting weeks or months for B-cell reconstitution is going to put you at high risk of getting COVID-19 from Omicron.