As my newsletter no longer comes out as frequently as I'd like, there are other options. I recently heard from Novellia ("We’re 100% independent. Not owned by or associated with pharma, insurers, or anyone else.") and just signed up to check it out. Here's the skinny.... -D

Hi Dave! In a nutshell, the Novellia crew came together because we realized there was a real, urgent need for a place that provided easy to understand, honest info on all things MS. We wanted to give the badass Warrior community a one-stop-shop for important MS info in a fun, written-by-warriors-for-warriors format, and were painfully aware that so many people living with MS spend hours upon hours researching MS and trying to stay up to date. We created the Novellia weekly newsletter to explain the top 4-5 news stories each week in fun, friendly (and funny) language...and our readers have loved it! We've seen really remarkable growth (doubled our reader base in just five weeks) and have been moved by messages from the community about how our newsletter leaves them more confident, informed, and ready to handle whatever MS throws their way.