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Switching to kesimpta….

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  • Switching to kesimpta….

    I sae a new neuro at an ms clinic in Worcester MA

    have been on rituxan for many years. Kesimpta is much easier to take. I can inject at home.
    he said rituxan, Ocrevus and kesimpta are essentially the same and I should think of them as interchangeable. So, I am starting the process to get kesimpta. Anyone else have experience?

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    Hi! I switched to Kesimpta on Feb 1, 2022. I was on Ocrevus with in home infusions for 5 1/2 years. I have been on Tysabri for many years, and several others before that. I used the auto inject copaxone for 14 months. That one was hard to do and painful for me.

    Of all of those, I find Kesimpta to be easiest. It’s maybe 20 min to do the injection and that includes waiting for it to come to room temp. It is pain free. I’ve wondered if it really injected me. No side effects.

    I also have been counseled that it is the ‘same’ med as Ocrevus. But idk. I’m not a Dr . It’s too short of a time frame to comment about its effectiveness for me. But as far as administering the injection I think it’s great. Good luck with whatever you decide is best for you.


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      Thanks for the reply. I am optimistic. I too have been on many different drugs for almost 30 years.


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        Am interested in hearing more about this topic. We have been with Ocrevus since late 2018 and it has gone mostly well. Not desperate to change something that's working, but the concept of getting essentially the same drug with greater flexibility does have some appeal. MSerSpouse had unpleasant injection site reactions with Rebif though, and we're not looking to repeat that experience--so it's good to hear that may not be as much of an issue.