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MSers taking antivirals.

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  • MSers taking antivirals.

    MSers I know are taking or thinking about taking an antiviral med hoping it will help fight MS.

    Different antivirals are effective against different viruses. Some people believe, as do I, that EBV and HHV6 are two viruses which trigger MS in genetically predisposed individuals exposed to certain environmental factors such as low vitamin D, smoking, stress and other factors. There may be other triggers but EBV and HHV6 are likely two of them. There is a growing mountain of scientific evidence supporting that position.

    More MSers are becoming aware of that evidence and some begin taking antivirals or want to take them. I donít want to encourage or discourage anyone from doing so. I just want to present information which may help inform.

    A Randomized Clinical Trial of Valacyclovir in Multiple Sclerosis.
    Valtrex is valacyclovir. In this trial patients took 3000mg of valacyclovir every day for two years. CONCLUSIONS: ďAlthough not statistically significant, positive trends were detected for acyclovir by clinical measures, but not by MRI.Ē

    Valtex is prescribed for certain types of herpes viruses. EBV and HHV6 are two of the eight herpes viruses but Valtrex has limited effectiveness against EBV and HHV6. If MS is triggered by the viruses which Vatrex works against then it would be worthwhile. While that is possible, right now evidence points toward EBV and HHV6 having more of a role in the development of MS than the viruses which Valtrex works best against.

    What triggers MS in one person may be different in another. Certain bacteria might trigger MS in some; certain viruses may trigger MS in others. Evidence will have to be accumulated. But at this point in time evidence points directly at EBV and HHV6 as two of the likely triggers in MS.

    An antiviral strongly effective against EBV and HHV6 could have a huge impact on halting MS.
    To test that theory the Charcot Project involves using an antiviral as therapy in MS.

    Some MSers have reported symptoms held in check while on an antiviral. Studies have shown that HIV patients on HAART have a greatly reduced risk of developing MS compared to the general population who are obviously not on highly active antiretroviral therapy. The belief is that antivirals reduce MS risk.

    The right antiviral med may revolutionize the treatment of MS. Iím not sure Valtrex is that med; it may help some as the study above suggested. IMO, a more effective antiviral for MS will target EBV and HHV6 specifically.

    God speed to the Charcot Project.