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My left leg is not working

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  • My left leg is not working

    ***full disclosure.....I have posted this same message on another MS forum***

    I have had the fortune of being "normally abled". But I am scared right now. I am hoping someone can chime in with some personal experience.

    As stated, I am lucky to be able to do most things. Back in February I went skiing in NY. I am a competent skier and have been skiing for 30 years. I've skied the hard stuff - The Rockies, many times. Heck, I even take on the occasional black diamond run in The Rockies. That being said, NY was a cake-walk as far as skiing goes. I skied for 2 days and all was well. I didn't over do it, took breaks when needed and completely enjoyed myself. Nine days later (Thursday of last week) my left leg was quite stiff. My knee felt very stiff. I stretched. I stretched some more. I had kinesio tape applied. I have NO swelling. My knee does not hurt to press on it. In fact, at first my knee didn't hurt at all (so, 5 days of stiffness but no pain). Just my leg was super stiff and so was my knee. Fast-forward to yesterday and today. Yesterday I started to get some pain in the knee. I'm fairly positive the actual pain can be attributed to stress on the knee due to an altered gait from the leg tightness. I definitely wasn't walking correctly. But today I can barely walk. Like, I have to hold on to something - a wall, a chair as I pass by - kind of assistance.

    Thoughts? It's been 8 days now since the symptoms started. I don't want to call my neuro if it's something else but I can not, for the life of me, think what else would cause this. I have had NO FALLS as of late ( I fell in August but had x-rays, etc and all was well up until now).

    Has anyone else ever experienced this? Truth be told, I am terrified that my leg not working might be linked to a new lesion. Is this a normal progression of "the beginning of the end" as far as altered mobility goes?

    ETA: I'm 51 and on no DMTs.

    Thank you, in advance for your replies.

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    I am updating this in case anyone comes across this post in a search later on. I know that I often search here to see if others have had the same issues.

    I saw my neuro. He prescribed Baclofen. The thought is that the increased spasticity of my leg muscles pulled on the tendons of the knee. He's also ordered an urgent MRI. However, in Canada this is about a 3 month wait for an "urgent" MRI.

    Anyway, the Baclofen had made a HUGE difference. My knee is still sore from the continued tendon strain but at least now my quad muscle actually flexes.

    The point is.......tendon strain can be caused by spasticity.

    I'm happy to have an answer and some relief.


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      Pistachio, so glad you got answers and solution to help! I used to ski, black diamonds in n east, not equal to Rockies. but I recognized your description rt away. Our bodies compensate for so many different deficits and it puts strain on our jts and muscles. My problem is that my mind and body attempt athletic feats without thinking and my body is not currently strong enough to do what I used to be able to do, safely. That’s the key word I ask now, am I able to do x safely? I try to do extra stretching and note pain as signal. Also found very helpful osteo bio flex collegen suppplment for jt care. There are many diff types in this brand, the only one giving relief to me was one with collegen. I felt better after 7 days as product promises. (My personal testimonial not paid or reimbursed in any way )


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        Thanks, Sue. I managed to get an MRI on Wednesday. Yes, a mere 10 days after my neuro appointment. This is shockingly quick in Ontario. But, hey, I'm not going to argue. My brain lesions are stable and no new WML. But a tiny lesion appeared at C7. Hopefully it stays small.

        The leg has greatly improved. I'm wearing a brace and babying it. We're set to ski Banff at the end of April. I fully intend to ski so this leg had better get with the plan!


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          Glad to hear you got mri and doing better with leg. Enjoy Banff! I hear it’s beautiful and great to ski!