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  • Tecfidera

    Anyone here currently on (or been on) Tecfidera? If so, I'd love to get your thoughts and stories.

    I was on Avonex for the past 3 years, but that little cocktail is no longer doing the trick and my neuro is switching me to Tecfidera.


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    I've been on it for over a year. Only side effect for me are occasional bright red flushing of face and chest, which lasts just a few minutes. It occurred more frequently in the beginning.

    Don't know how it affects relapses. Think my only relapse was in 2000, when I was diagnosed.

    If you go for it, I hope it works well!


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      I was on Avonex and I later switched to copaxone. The mechanism for how copaxone modifies ms is different than avonex, and the latter worked for me. But copaxone and avonex don't offer the neuro protection that tecfidera reportedly does. Such protection would seem to be a real plus. Here is a description of the neuro protective benefits:
      "Much of the excitement surrounding Tecfidera involves the prospect that, in addition to its disease modifying characteristics, the drug may be neuroprotective. Neuroprotection is one of the holy grails of MS research. If the cells of the central nervous system can be protected from the ravages of multiple sclerosis, then the progression of the disease can be inhibited. The notion that Tecfidera may be neuroprotective is based on the fact that one of the drugís supposed mechanisms of action is the activation of Nrf2 pathways in the human body. Nrf2 is simply a protein that exists within every human cell, inoperative until it is kicked into action by a Nrf2 activator (think of it like a bottle rocket Ė until lit, it sits there doing nothing, but once lit (activated) it zooms into action). Once activated, Nrf2 migrates into the nucleus of the cell and bonds to the DNA within, initiating the production of powerful antioxidants. If Nrf2 was a bottle rocket, itís thought that Tecfidera could initiate the process that lights its fuse." From

      Hope that is helpful to your decision and good luck! Suebee