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Marinol for spasticity

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  • Marinol for spasticity

    Hey all,
    As my MS progresses so does my spasticity, even though I currently take 30MG of Baclofan daily. I do exercise and get at least one round of stretching in daily. I'm still plagued by spasticity at night when sleeping, which makes getting a restful night impossible. My sister in law ,who also has SPMS, has had great results taking a low dose of Marinol. Unfortunately, my doctor is not interested.
    Has anyone else used this medication with good results? Really trying to stay away from a Baclofan pump!! Pump or synthetic cannabinoid .....hmmm
    Thanks in advance for any input!😊

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    I'm sorry to hear about your spasticity. I wish I had something to help you. I didn't like baclofen because my spasticity seemed even worse when it wore off. The FDA needs to approve more options. I think sAlvinex looks promising and may be available in future? Hang in there and be strong self advocate With your doctors.


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      I have recently started Magnesium tablets 250 mg twice daily to treat my spasticity which can be particularly bothersome at night. It helps. Even more recently I have incorporated a spray which I apply before bed. I've had 2 good nights.

      Good luck and keep up the stretching.

      Teena Marie


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        Teena Marie, and Suebee,

        Thanks for the replies! I'll have to give the Magnesium a try and see if it helps me too! Just when I think all the stretching helps I'll have an especially bad night! Everything just feels so stiff at times. Let's hope there is something better coming along. Suebee do you mean Sativex?
        Not sure why the FDA is talking so long to approve something that has been available for over 5 years and is used in every country. Argh so frustrating.


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          Yes I also use nature made with tablet containing 333mg calcium 133 mg magnesium and 5 mg zinc. I need 3 tablets taken together to help reduce spasticity. Hope you find good solution for you.