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Awesome, awesome ride!

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  • Awesome, awesome ride!

    I had the most amazing mtn bike ride on Saturday. Was volunteering with my SAR team for the walk portion of a massive walk/ride for a cancer center. I got to go screaming around the wooded walk sections, getting good and dirty. It has been way too long since I've been on my bike, and it felt so good to be out there. I'm still high as a kite and can't wait to head back out!

    The day was even more rewarding as I've decided to tell my SAR team leader once I get my final dx. Now he'll have a strong memory of me bombing around like nothing is wrong, so hopefully he won't worry too much.

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    Bravo! Now, tell us not-as-activeMSers what SAR is?


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      LOL! Search and Rescue - I go play in the woods and (hopefully) find people who aren't where they ought to be.

      Speaking of, I got invited to a search in the morning - first time that's happened. I'm no longer one of the newbies.