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Adipose stem cell transfer

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  • Adipose stem cell transfer

    Has anyone on this forum had or know of anyone who had a adipose (fat) stem cell procedure. Last week I saw a clip on local tv with positive results for an ms patient.

    I am in Illinois and the company was Chicago stem cell treatment center and cell surgical network.
    Thanks, Chuck

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    Hey Chuck,

    I've been looking at this myself, with a company located in California. Initially I was very excited because it is also listed under the NIH clinical trail site. It appealed to me not only because of being hopeful about the results, but also because it doesn't require the knocking out of your immune system, allowing you to go home relatively quickly.
    However, I found the procedure to cost $14K and the sales people friendly but aggressive.Let's just say a little voice in my head made me hesitant.
    I think this has promise, but decided to wait until more research becomes available.