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First bike ride in years!

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  • First bike ride in years!

    I finally got a trike, its not the recumbent I want (too pricey!) but an upright. Its a beast with a steel frame! My boyfriend has a heck of a time hauling it down and up the stairs to our apartment Lol! We went on a ride on Tuesday, the first time I've been on a bike of any sort in about 7 years! I am horribly out of shape. I think I did well though, we rode about a mile and 1/2. The only problem was when I start going at a good clip my foot would slide off the pedal, so my solution? I'm getting the clip pedals with the shoes that clip onto them (not the toe strap) I am also getting AFO's which I'm hoping will help with the twisting my foot does, stupid drop foot But I am super excited that I finally have a bike! Though not as cool as my boyfriends bikes, he has a road bike and a mountain bike, its stil cool to me!

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    Very cool! Good luck with clipless pedals - I haven't been able to afford them yet, so I'm still riding with toe clips/cages. I like 'em well enough for what I do.

    As an FYI, you might want to get SPD pedals (for mountain biking) rather than road cleats. Mountain bike shoes are much closer to sneakers, you can walk around in them, and they'll likely fit your AFO a WHOLE lot better. Just ask any bike shop for mountain biking pedals, they'll know what you mean.

    Have fun out there!


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      Thanks Slugger! My boyfriend tells me he has those pedals so that's what he was going to get me, thanks for the tip though it is much appreciated! I'm supper excited to not have bruised shins from the pedals! And snazzy new shoes to boot!