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Crowdfunding- please share!

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  • Crowdfunding- please share!


    I haven't been on this forum in forever! Where has all the time gone? I've been extremely busy pursuing my dreams as a holistic nutritionist and Ayurvedic practitioner, and am loving my new life in B.C. Canada.
    Last month I started a crowdfunding site to help me to pay for the expenses involved in training my future dog for assistance (based exclusively on my current and future needs) and for therapy service in the community.

    I am simply posting my website in the hopes that everyone here could share it with everyone they know. It can be tricky to get the word out! But I think the most rewarding experience from all of this has been the words of love and encouragement from people that I know, or even from strangers! It's been a beautiful experience.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Niko,

    So nice to hear from you. This is just beautiful and I would be happy to contribute and pass this along.

    Teena Marie from Montreal, I'm sorry we never got a chance to meet


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      I am sorry we were never able to meet, what a shame! I'm now in Victoria and don't intend to visit Montreal for another few years...too much to do! Did you ever visit the TWMSF support group meetings, finally? I hope you're doing well, send me news! Thank you so much!