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Overseas travel: Best trips to take for MSers!

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  • Overseas travel: Best trips to take for MSers!

    Today a fellow MSer wrote me asking for my advice about the best foreign trips to take if walking long distances is an issue. I'd like to think that you can really go anywhere. It all depends on your sense of adventure and how much patience you have to deal with the inevitable challenges. (Well, and it also depends on your budget.)

    The worldís a pretty big place, but here are a few overseas trips that came to mind right off:

    1) African safari. Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa lead the way. Lots of time is spent in trucks scouting for animals, so walking is limited. Exotic, fun, easy.

    2) European riverboat cruise. I havenít done this yet, but it is on my radar. Since you unpack once, itís an easy way to travel between countries and you can choose shore excursions that mean little walking. Youíll be with older people, but thatís fine, since they walk slow, too. Grand Circle Travel is noted for being among the best.

    3) Australia/New Zealand. You can drive, so itís easy to get around on your own. Great scenery you can see from the car or with a little walking. Cute towns, yummy wine.

    These are just three of mine. Fellow MSers, what are your thoughts? What other destinations should be on our future vacation wish lists?
    Dave Bexfield