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  • opps...

    so i officially missed, for the first time, my injection of feelin guilty!! only been on copaxone for like 6-7 months but i just got caught up being busy and forgot!! OMG

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    Don't be too hard on yourself

    Hi Lizz,

    I remember our stories are similar w/ copax. I missed a day a while back also, because I forgot to call in a refill and ran out. (Hey isn't the pharmacy supposed to keep track of that? But anyway...)

    I think it's ok to miss a day once in a while, though I'm sure you didn't mean to. Do you inject at the same time every day? I find it helps a little. Missing a day gave me a chance to switch from evenings to mornings, which I find easier, mostly because then you have the rest of the day to remember. As in, "Crud, it's 4:00 and I still have to do my shot!!"

    Hope you are well,



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      yeah i inject in the morning before school or clinical. Im in nursing school so trying to do it at night could be a problem...i never know when ill be in clinical and i am for sure not doin it at clinical!!! hahahaha i just got loaded down with homework and paperwork for clinical that i forgot...but thanks for replaying!! i was worried that i was going to be talkin to myself lol.


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        So, I'm at almost 3 years of Copaxone ... and the times I've missed I think "well, hell, how many years did I have MS and not know it and not take shots anyway?" AND I firmly believe in picking ONE day a year to NOT do a shot -- my birthday is mine. What's yours?
        -- Caitlin dx 2006 w/PPMS


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          caitlin i absolutely love that!! Greatest idea i have heard in a very long time!! and your right i didnt just get MS the day some doctor told me about it...i had it the whole damn time!! Yeah i really like the way you think!! its refreshing!! thanks!!