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First ever ActiveMSers newsletter (vintage stuff!)

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  • First ever ActiveMSers newsletter (vintage stuff!)

    Although the website started with a bunch of humor, the newsletter started as just newspretty dry. And my dreams of having chapters of ActiveMSers worldwide never materialized, but that was probably for the best. There is no way I could have coordinated anything official and the website would have suffered as a result of the time commitment. - D


    ActiveMSers E-Newsletter JUNE 2006

    Greetings fellow active MSers and others, June 2006 marks a few landmarks for ActiveMSers. The three big ones: a big ad in todays Wall Street Journal, a complete redesign of the website, and the beginning of a New Mexico/Albuquerque chapter.

    Wall Street Journal Ad
    Today, June 15, myself and was plugged in a huge Infiniti ad in the Wall Street Journal (circulation 1.3 million). Look for it on Page A3. Ive attached the text of the ad. The full print version (1MB) is available for download on our website. This is quite exciting and we already have someone interested in stating a Connecticut chapter of ActiveMSers.

    ActiveMSers Redesign
    To prepare for MSers discovering from the WSJ ad, I just completed a full redesign of the website and added a ton of content. Interviews with fellow MSers, exercise advice (why stretching is so important), a test on sun-protective umbrellas (they really do work!), travel tips, and much more. Be sure to check it out.

    Flyer for ActiveMSers
    Ive attached two flyers for ActiveMSers that can be copied and handed out to others. One is more waiting room friendly than the other. Even if you pass out just one, this will help spread the word.

    New Mexico Chapter
    Due to multiple requests, Im officially heading the New Mexico chapter of ActiveMSers, at least for the interim. If you are interested in participating or helping set up an event, let me know. My plate is pretty full and any help is appreciated.

    Dave Bexfield