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Provigil? Mondinifil --Your thoughts?

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  • Provigil? Mondinifil --Your thoughts?

    I have extreme fatigue, it's both low endurance muscle fatigue and mental fatigue. I've been using the generic provigil for some time now. I have tried different dosing and timing and haven't settled on best approach. Very generally, The study with MS patients stated 100-400 mg daily, gave improvements, with most of study participants finding 200 mg beneficial. The higher the dose, the more likely the negative side affects, such as anxiety, out weighed the alertness caused by the drug. The recommended dose for MS fatigue is therefore 200 mg daily. I found it didn't last all day. I searched the web and found many forums complaining about this and that Drs weren't always helpful with adjusting dose, which left some to experiment with varying results. I also stumbled across a us government recommendation of dosing for special ops on assignment. Ha ha. I'm not on assignment but thought maybe that could better inform me about dosing than my own neuro. It explained it was safe to take 100-200 mg after 8 hrs due to its half life etc. (warning it did not recommend continual dosing every 8 hrs! There were very specific parameters). The 8 hr dosing suggestions however led me to one hospital that recommended 100 mg in morning and another 100 mg in afternoon ( but not too late so as to not disrupt sleep patterns). I tried this and liked result. Has anyone else had experience with modinifil/ provigil or nuvigil and what doses work for you? Was you neuro helpful on dosing?

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    This links to doc from Cleveland clinic on ms fatigue and its management including modinifil 2x a day


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      I've used amantadine for fatigue, definitely helped. Found though that if I took the second dose too late in the day had trouble getting to sleep, ended up just taking the morning dose "to get the day started" skipped second dose, and that worked for me.

      Fatigue hasn't been as big an issue, can manage without meds now with diet, exercise, regular sleep routine. If the fatigue ever got bad again I would go back on it.
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        Hope you find something that works for you, Suebee! Fatigue is my biggest complaint about my own MS.

        Personal experience? After diagnosis ('00) I started on Amantadine because I could not afford Provigil. After 2 years on SSDI (maybe '06) the Medicare kicked in so I switched to Provigil. My 'script was for 400mgs but I seldom took the full amount. 200 mgs indeed worked best.

        Several years ago I heard that oil of oregano helps with fatigue. For me, it replaced Provigil! I've been taking 2 gelcaps daily for many years now. Of course, my fatigue is different from yours. When I don't take the oregano oil for a day or two, I get sleepy in the afternoons. Could I still hike the woods for 90 minutes? I don't know - I haven't tried.

        I can say that I've recommended oil of oregano to people every chance I get, and a handful of people have benefited.

        I'm in the process of cleaning up and clearing out my house. I usually work through lunchtime without noticing, depending on whether I'm in the house or in the garage. In the house I'm going up/down basement stairs several times. I take more breaks, maybe just because I'm in the house.

        Oil of oregano is a very cheap experiment! Buy a small bottle and try it. If it works, or just even helps, buy more online. I use Puritans Pride because they have great sales, like buy 2 get 3 free.

        Good luck to you, Suebee, in whatever you choose!


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          When I was working I used Ritalin. So, if my brain was tired th Ritalin helped me to concentrate.

          When my muscles are fatigued I used pro vigil.

          I have found that the physical effort to work on my farm gives the most benefit to either fatigue. It is amazing how I have managed to crawl my way to energy.


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            Thanks for all your replies. It's much appreciated.