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is it just me??

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  • is it just me??

    is it just me or on oct 19, 2009 did abc make you feel like crap? they played a rerun of a show about a lady with MS... my god i pray that i dont have to be on a damn reality show to get my point across. i dont take away form that lady more power to her but im trying to live as if MS never happened... im 20 yrs old...i still need a family, i still need a house, i still need love let alone an extreme makeover home!! i didnt get to see the whole episode but i know it hurt not handicap right now, i may be down the road, but this show seemed to showcase the negative sides of MS. i am not a negative side, i am the strong side, i am the side holding on for my life!! i have faith in me!! what else is there in life?