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RT atrophy but "toned" LT quads and gluts!

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  • RT atrophy but "toned" LT quads and gluts!

    RT sided weakness and riding my trike has resulted in toned gluts and quads on the LT and atrophy of RT more apparent. Any suggestions for an exercise regime that can help this imbalance?
    Unable to stand without holding on and balance not great.

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    Hi. I am generally weak but more so on rt side. Check your health insurance coverage for electric muscle stimulation (not TENs) for increasing strength for multiple sclerosis atrophy. Mine does not cover it unless I am paralyzed or have clear atrophy . (I will save my commentary on this for another time). I understand This is typical coverage because electric stimulation for MS weakness hasn't had sufficient medical studies. You can learn more about electric stimulation through dr Terry Wahls website. She created her own regimene which got her out of reclining wheelchair to walking. I was unable to get a PT to agree to use one on me or show me how to use it, as it did not comply with their protocol. There are some elite athletes that explain their use electric muscle stimulation to enhance performance on the Internet and some boutique sports training clinics. I found the devices too expensive for me to dabble with when I'm unsure how to place electrodes. There is a FDA cleared ab belt that looks ridiculous on an info commercial that has a scientific study showing it increased muscle strength. But again it was several hundred dollars and I wasn't sure if it would be at the intensity Dr wahls used. I'd be interested to know what you find out. Good luck!


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      I'd suggest that you use the stairs, as climbing uses similar muscles as cycling. However, don't just work on walking up and down flights, but rather do concentrated sets focusing just on one leg at a time and just use one step. Start by facing up the stairs, and, holding on, just raise your weaker leg to the next step, then the other. Lower down the other first, then the weaker one. You can start with one set of 10, then try to work up to 2 sets. Switch legs and do the other also. Then you might turn around, face down the steps, and just work on lowering the stronger leg, as the weaker one will have to work to support this. Of course, hold on to the rail! For me, the real work in this one is when I am raising the stronger leg back up to the step, as my weaker leg really does all the work. When I first started doing these, my leg basically would all but collapse when I tried to raise the other leg back up, but within a few days of doing these daily, I gained more strength. I find when I do the Step Ups first, it makes the Step Downs easier...think it warms up the weaker leg.

      I used to do this on a regular basis, and then for whatever reason, fell off from doing so. But lately, I have just made a stronger commitment to doing this every day. I was surprised and delighted at how quickly I got stronger. And this has translated into feeling a more even cadence when I am training on the trike, as the weaker leg is now working harder.

      Hope this helps!
      Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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        RT atrophy

        thanks for your response regarding climbing stairs--that use to be a favorite exercise of mine--I can't climb stairs anymore.


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          Great suggestions! I haven't been reglious about doing these type of simple but very effective exercises. I will make an effort to do each day. Thanks for reminder. I have in the past also added to stair exercise, in between sets, to hang heels off of stairs facing up stairs and raise up on balls of feet and then lower down past level of stair slowly. Good stretch and strength ing for ankles. If feeling ok holding onto handrail you can also do it only on one leg.