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Any tips for painful top of leg area?

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  • Any tips for painful top of leg area?

    Morning from a sunny England. I have burning long term pain and ache in the top of my right leg meeting the rest of my body. Does anyone else have this and does anyone bind it to ease the pressure? I have b
    een quite active lately out and about with my sticks, so it is partly my fault but I wondered if anyone else had this? Thanks.

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    Hey MissP, I think I may know what you are talking about. I sometimes have the same issue, and my PT sis says it is from me walking funny (either relying too much on my good leg or swinging my bad leg). I would google hip flexor stretches. The one I do most is one I do off the side of the bed. I put my butt on the edge and lie on my back with my knees to my chest. Then I drop one leg slowly to near the ground, getting a good stretch on the upper thigh near the hip.

    That said, your best bet is to talk to your PT about it so you can get the stretch right, which is important since if you do it wrong you can stress your lower back.
    Dave Bexfield


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      Thank you for your tip

      Morning Dave,
      Thank you. Much appreciated. Personal hints and tips are really good. The hospitals are excellent but they can tend to hand over another 300 pages of exercises and stretches which looks at the overall whole health thing and not the nitty gritty damn thing that hurts! I will ask them today at the appointment but I will try your suggestion to and I think I might try without the stick for a few days, get some good practices in and less reliant. Miss P


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        I am having a nagging "hip" pain which is at the top of my right leg. I don't have a walking issue according to my MS doc or my Massage Therapist, but I think I should really get an alignment check from the Chiro and see if something is off. It could be something as simple as an adjustment. =)
        girl1dir =)


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          Hip pain

          Went to see my specialist nurse and then made some changes as suggested. Got a new chair for watching tv with a foot stool for posture, started using my left leg as the strong foot, leaving my right stick at home so as to get out of a bad habit and reliance on the right side, rested for several days. Also, continuing to use leg splints when legs are tired but resting properly with level legs, foot supports before I go to bed (open tight martial arts socks), massage with a good oil on legs for up to an hour if possible. It has started to feel better already. I was convinced it wasn't reliance on the right stick, i know nothing!!