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  • Why I started ActiveMSers

    What motivated me to start ActiveMSers 10 years ago? The answer might surprise you (although the fact that it involves both beer and Cheetos might not). My guest blog post on Everyday Health is a fun read, probably gets me into a bit of trouble, liberally uses the word bejesus, and gives you a bit of insight into this active MSer.


    Hi. My name is Dave and I have a problem. I have multiple sclerosis (MS). But thatís not the problem. See, Iím one of those hope-filled optimists with MS. No, no, not exactly the somewhat annoying ďI-have-MS-but-MS-doesnít-have-meĒ kind (sorry, just being honest), but the obnoxious yet encouraging get-off-your-duff-we-have-a-great-life-to-live-even-though-we-share-this-crappy-disease kind.

    It gets worse. I preach about it pretty much daily. Let me explain.

    Dave Bexfield

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    Thankyou Dave!

    Very well stated Dave. And thanks for providing this always hopeful place. You have encouraged us all to always be thinking about what is possible with this condition.

    I was diagnosed 21 years ago this year. Went to read about this new condition I had just been awarded in the lottery of life at the nearest bookstore. Not a positive experience. The internet was still fairly new back then. I searched for good news about MS stories. Found none.

    And here not only do we find good news stories, but so many other tips for staying active with the condition. And always get a few good laughs doing so.

    Thankyou my friend.


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      Thank you Dave, inspired today

      to get off my backside, get my big pills ready for tomorrow when everything will hurt and now going swimming so not thinking about achey bones tomorrow. Going to swim carefully, as instructed by my Doctor (mostly using legs and not arms due to spine problems), more like a mermaid than anything, and enjoy the day. Going for 10 lengths, might feel like I am going to bust a gut but that is my aim for today. Bikini at the ready!!


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        Thanks MissP, way to go!

        And Gary, you were the inspiration for me with this Everyday Health blog. Yours was great! For folks who have yet to read Gary's, check it out here:
        Dave Bexfield


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          Just joining in on the accolades to you Dave...I'm very glad Laura read you the riot act. Being part of ActiveMSers, whether I post or not, is so much a part of my daily life. Some times I just want to check to see how my buddies are doing, and when I read about someone new, it is like meeting a new friend. Loved that you shared Gary's blog...Gary, thumbs up to you....

          One more thing...I think we need t shirts reading "Optimistic Misfit". I know I would wear mine proudly!....and an icon on the forum for blowing kisses..
          Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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            You inspired me to write about my MS experience...


            Your writings are what inspired me to write about my life and experienced with MS. Just a very therapeutic thing to be doing. And you were kind enough to let host a few of them!


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              Hi, y'all! (Well, I am in TN.). Been away from the forums forever, though I have posted some on Twitter. My training amounts to housework, cat sitting, and riding a recumbent. I don't compete with anyone/thing but the MS.

              I do spin, however - on a spinning wheel. Staying active is, as Dave says, "Getting off your duff." Anything that keeps me moving I consider being an active person with MS.

              Thanks so much for the information and inspiration of this site! I'll try not to just 'lurk' by reading and not posting!



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                Originally posted by Veronica View Post
                One more thing...I think we need t shirts reading "Optimistic Misfit". I know I would wear mine proudly!....and an icon on the forum for blowing kisses..
                I want this!!!! =)
                girl1dir =)