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MS and lasik

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  • MS and lasik

    hi,new to the forum and sorta newly DX(march 2015) seen a few threads about lasik but there was not much info. has anyone done it ?and what is opinion on it

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    I had Lasik done 4 years ago and I love it. I have had ON in both eyes, so my vision is 20/25 or so with the Lasik but that's leaps better. Before I got it done I could only see fuzzy shapes without glasses or contacts. Now I don't need those at all.

    My Neuro told me there was no issue getting Lasik with MS. The only thing to keep in mind is that I may end up getting further Optic Nerve damage, making the procedure give me vision that wasn't as good as when I first got it done. I decided the risk of that was worth the benefit of being done with glasses/contacts.

    I have loved it. It has made so many things so much easier for me (biking, made scuba diving possible, swimming, etc).