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Any MSers ever run the "Pikes Peak Ascent" half marathon?

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  • Any MSers ever run the "Pikes Peak Ascent" half marathon?

    Assuming no relapse between now and next August am planning on participating in the Pikes Peak half marathon (the "Pikes Peak Ascent") in August of 2017.

    As I am heat sensitive and the race occurs in August - will have to walk at least the first part of it until temps cool down at the higher altitude. There are cutoffs i.e. you must make certain locations by a certain times - though believe that can make those cutoffs if can walk at a reasonable pace.

    This may sound if not not will sound very self-serving - has anyone heard of another MSer ever attempting/achieving this? Trying to find out if I will be the first

    The altitude will not be a problem for me as I have summited Pikes Peak in the past and have hiked up to 19,000 feet with no problems.

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    Gary, good luck! With the number of CO MSers, I would venture to say you won't be the first. But if no one steps up, claim away.

    And still be wary of the altitude. I've known others who have had zero issues, ever, and then one day--bam. Even though I live at a mile high and have skied at 12K, I always take precautions and hydrate well.
    Dave Bexfield