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  • Goodbye

    Hi Everyone,

    I found out last week that my problems are due to autoimmune encephalitis and not MS. But I think this is a wonderful forum and hope the best for you all.

    Take care,

    Mark Thrasher (CvFactor)

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    Mark, thanks for all the great posts. Hope you breeze by every now and then, and we appreciate all of your contributions over the years. Best of luck!
    Dave Bexfield


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      I am glad your doctors were able to diagnose you and now you can get treatment which I hope will give you a full recovery! We will definitely miss you- I particularly liked your insight. I am always looking at alternative diagnoses for myself, hoping another disease treatment would be more helpful, or perhaps I do it as as a form of denial. I'm unsure. But I wish you the best. Of course there is some overlap with MS and your continued involvement with the forum I know is welcomed.


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        I had such an aggressive disabling attack at the start of my MS journey that I was labeled "atypical aggressive". Thankfully, I had awesome doctors who gave me everything but the kitchen sink and after a long time I am pretty functional now. But I do keep an eye out for alternative diseases (ones that can be cured are better). So I did see that standard guidelines for diagnosing Cvfactor's illness were first published at beginning of this year. I really hope many more people like CVFactor will benefit from the strides that are being
        made in treating neuro-dengernative disease. Amen.

        New Guidelines