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NEW BLOG: Vegas, hot cars, a supermodel, and a night of regret

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  • NEW BLOG: Vegas, hot cars, a supermodel, and a night of regret

    Let me set the scene: Vegas, swarms of hot cars, a supermodel, and a most unlikely invitation. Sound like the intro to Hangover IV? Nope, just the set-up to me pulling an epic Dave. Unbelievably, I let multiple sclerosis win this one round, and itís a night that I will forever regret. There is a powerful lesson here.

    Dave Bexfield

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    Great article! For anyone who hasn't read it yet, I highly recommend it Share it with your friends. I think that it's good for even people without MS to read. Many other things cause people to not get out there and live. They will benefit too!


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      Enjoyed that, thanks!

      In life, I have always been willing to try just about anything, so when M.S. came, I just saw it as another challenge.

      My wife scolds me constantly for doing things she figures I'm too weak, ill, etc, to do. I do them anyway!

      Before M.S. I was an avid biker, sailor, builder and pilot of strange aircraft, hiker, and all around outdoors man.

      Can I sail or fly anymore, no, but hey, who knows what may come along worth trying, to get myself in trouble with

      *(My next project, a 3 wheeled motorcycle!)
      Retired engineer, now hobby farmer with goats, chickens, an old dog,and a lazy barn cat!
      Watch my goats at
      Active in amateur radio
      Linux geek, blogging at
      M.S. since 2000


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        GH, getting scolded by my wife is a specialty of mine. After being with her for nearly 30 years, I consider myself an expert in that department.
        Dave Bexfield


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          Lolol you guys are cracking me up!