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How to tell what size balance ball?

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  • How to tell what size balance ball?

    They come in so many sizes! I need to replace the one I got rid of months ago. Working out on the floor now but there's so many more things to do with a ball.

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    Sparky, speaking only from my own experience in PT... it's all about how tall you are....if you want to lay on top with your stomach on ball and walk your hands out and back to strengthen core and arms in a plank position but you are short (your arm span is short) and on a large circumference ball your body will be at a significant angle. But conversely, if you are tall and on a small circumference ball, your arms will bear a lot more weight holding you off ground in a plank position.

    If you want to sit on the ball and do exercises, you need to account for your height again, tall people will need a larger ball to sit comfortably with knees bent at comfortable angle.

    Similarly, if you want to lie on back and put bent knees over ball, it needs to be the appropriate height to allow your knees to bend naturally.

    ...Hope that is helpful... good luck!


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      Thank you, Suebee!

      A different ball for each exercise, and for each stage of those exercises? Was hoping to hear where to measure myself! But it makes sense to allow for change.


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        Sparky, since i have nothing better to do and on a lark i google correct exercise ball size and found this:

        "— size does matter. If you are close to the cut off point between sizes, try testing out both sizes and see which works best for you. Here are basic guidelines to follow:

        4'11" to 5'4" height: 55 cm ball
        5'4" to 5'11" height: 65 cm ball
        5'11" to 6' 7" height: 75 cm ball"
        LOL--- proof google holds all the answers to life!
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