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  • Immune Diet interventions

    Hey, just met someone who has another kind of immune disorder and suggested I look into Dr. Axe, Eat Dirt book. Anyone read it or tried diet?

    At first blush, Axe's diet appears to be similar to Swank, and eliminates gluten, sugar, and anything that might promote inflammation. Axe is big on fixing a leaky gut, and urges a lot of supplementation. In theory, leaky gut makes sense to me - if one can't absorb proper nutrients than your body won't be healthy.
    But I always am cynical when the person promoting a health diet also sells the supplements that one must take to be on the diet, which is the case here. I also worry about blindly ingesting probiotic supplements in hopes it colonizes in my gut better than the bacteria in my gut now. Years ago I tried a different brand of probiotic supplements and proceeded to yack all over friends from out of town. Memorable for all.

    So anyone like Axe's ideas about immune diets and supplements?

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    I've been having a lot of joint pain lately, I think secondary to poor recruitment/muscle weakness, and bought a 7 day trial of a jt supplement at drug store. I figured if the vet prescribes it for doggie than maybe I could give human version a trial. Also started slowly identifying inflammatory foods and trying to eliminate from my diet. I've forgotten details of my prior research on it, so I'm kinda starting from scratch. But good to know it is working for you and doable. Thanks! Suebee