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Muscle wastage in Copaxone users

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  • Muscle wastage in Copaxone users

    I am currently using Copaxone as a DMT and came across some information about the depressions caused by taking the medication. The information that I've read in the past mentions the breaking down of fat cells due to the injection, and the importance of the rotation schedule.

    Muscle wastage due to Copaxone sounds a little more ominous, and I'm unclear what that means for the future. Muscle tear, or rips?

    I'm a bit scrawny and already have difficulty finding areas that have enough fatty tisssue, and so my rotation sites are severely reduced.

    I plan on having a discussion with my Neuro at my next appointment, and perhaps this may not be the best choice for me.

    Has any one experienced muscle issues while on Copaxone?

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    My first several months on Copaxone i injected in my upper quads. The injection guide suggested the upper quad area. I stopped injecting there, because of the "dents" it was causing. I was probably including some muscle inadvertently. But interestingly the depressions caused by those shots have disappeared. It's been at least five years since I injected there and the area looks normal now. What muscle fiber I may have lost came back.

    I switched to injecting in my upper hip. No muscle wasting there but loss of subcutaneous fat - lipoatrophy (not entirely a bad thing ). I'm on the slender side and my hips really are the only option that doesn't cause problems.


    My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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      yes, i noticed dents right away on arms and stopped injecting there but dents never resolved. I try to move around the injection spots to prevent it. i posted somewhere else on here about my consult with
      a dermatolgist. he said all injectiables do this. copaxone is subcutaeous so hopefully it doesnt have much effect on muscle. but the pkage insert says all possible side effects and muscle loss is included, with the rest of the kitchen sink.