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Gut bacteria helps or hurts MS

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  • Gut bacteria helps or hurts MS

    Just published article on good gut bacteria that can help Fight MS
    " human gut bacterium, Prevotella histicola, suppresses multiple sclerosis symptoms in a mouse model of this immune-related disease. The bacteria appear to produce their beneficial effect by influencing the levels and function of particular immune system cells that are involved in controlling inflammation."
    link to The Cell medical journal
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    Gut Bacteria already patented!

    NIH & Mayo Clinic patented the gut bacteria that might help MSers and people with Rheumatoid arthritis. Don't know if that's a good turn of events for us looking for advanced in science research or not. Presumably done to prevent corporate entities from it, but I really dont know.

    here is link to patent, which indicates how good bacteria works to regulate immune system and the strentgh of anticipated live or dead bacteria, and its use in food products or a pill...