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Rain gear for scooter use

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  • Rain gear for scooter use

    I am leaving town with some friends and there is suppose to be rain where we are going. I use a scooter. Anyone have ideas to protect the scooter (Smartscoot) from the water? I was thinking of a poncho.

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    I gave up trying to keep my wheelchair dry years ago, however, if you are transporting it, like on the back of your car, I found that a large gas grill cover works very well.

    With my chair now, I put a gallon ziplock bag around the controller and don't worry about the rest.

    Have an enjoyable trip!
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      Hey WaD, I think a poncho is a great idea, something that covers the handlebars. Baggies and a few rubber bands could easily protect the battery. Just remember to give yourself a little extra time to brake. Disc brakes even work great in the wet, but still. Have fun!

      BTW, where are you going on this adventure?
      Dave Bexfield