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Losing a loved one & impact on MS symptoms

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  • Losing a loved one & impact on MS symptoms

    I was wondering if anyone has thoughts or comments about how to deal with grief over the loss of a loved one and its consequence on your MS symptoms?

    I recently lost a dear person to me and I have experienced "normal" grieving. But my MS symptoms have been wacky. (Good 'ole MS, you can always count on it). I know stress and lack of sleep can cause increase in symptoms, but I am finding that the increase in my MS symptoms (weakness, poor motor control, fatigue, cognition) just magnifies my grief over my loss of my loved one. And I think it throws the loss of my pre-ms life into the mix, and the loss of feeling healthy. Then how about adding a pinch of guilt, because I am alive and feeling cheated that I'm not healthier but my loved one is dead. It is a horrible vicious circle.

    Have any of you encountered this experience? What did you do to get through it?

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    Suebee, sorry for your loss.

    I lost my parents about 5 years ago a year or so apart. In hind sight I think the insecurity that comes with MS was my biggest problem. My poor decision making ability may have been emphasized. There might have been an increase in fatigue also but I believe it was brought on by lack of sleep which can accompany loss.

    It could be a good time to lean on those around you for a little more support.

    I will be thinking of you,



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      Thanks Larry. I appreciate your thoughts.