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Have you had "AHA" moments?

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  • Have you had "AHA" moments?

    Have you had an AHA moment (good or bad) related to your MS??? I recently did when I decided to take up cycling.

    I had an old trike that I started to use and found that cycling long distances of over 2 miles was trying. However, I definitely wanted to continue cycling especially when I got a part-time job just 2 1/2 miles away from home.

    I, therefore, when to the local bike shop to look at some two wheel bikes with the thought that I would put Adult Stablizer Wheels (ASWs) on them to further help with balance. ASWs, btw, are wheels that are a little bigger (16 inches I think) that you permanently attach to a two wheel bike.

    According to the info on one site about them, they are not to be confused with adult training wheels, even though they can easily be mistaken for them. And yes, I took into account the "laugh factor" when some people would spot them. Hey, better than falling, I thought.

    With this in mind, I went to a few bike shops and tried a couple of bike models I had in mind (most with the crank-forward design).

    I was so disappointed with them. They all seem to be long and heavy and I immediately knew that the ASWs would not necessarily help me with the tight corners and sloping ground I would have to cross. My AHA moment hit me like a ton of bricks. My dream of some independence evaporating in those moments in the shops.

    But when life gives you lemons........

    My game plan now is to upgrade my trike to make it more efficient. I plan to make it a three speed to help with the inclines and replace the tractor seat with a regular bike saddle which would make it more efficient for pedaling.

    Wish me luck on the upgrades. Let's hope I have a more positive Aha moment, re cycling, next time.
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    Well, I did have another aha moment and this one was a more positive and encouraging one.

    In reference to the above updates, I did change the saddle and making it a three speed did make the trike faster and easier to handle. I can now comfortably ride 5-6 miles one way.

    A few months ago I can barely ride 2 miles comfortably.

    Getting use to a bike saddle as oppose to the tractor seat on the trike was a dozie though.

    Boy was I sore in places I don't want to mention.

    However, a few minor adjustments involving the saddle height and the angle of the handlebars made the ride increasingly more comfortable and a tad faster.

    Now I've gone from averaging 4-5 mph, yes I was going that slow, to averaging 5-6 mph in a matter of days. As mentioned above, I'm also cycling out further (from 2 miles to over 5 miles one way). Yayyyy!!!!!

    I've had such a good experience with cycling in general that I went and tried a number of regular bikes and eventually found one I was relatively comfortable with. My Giant Sedona DX W will be ready next week.

    Yes, I'm going to risk learning how to ride a two wheel bike.

    I guess I'll be having a number of cycling related aha moments in the months to come. Oddly enough these moments were influenced by my MS in ways I didn't expect.


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      That's really cool Lucia, you've come a long way in a short time, I hope the Sedona provides a pleasant new level of experience for you. Believe it or not, I can tell a similar story about first riding 10 miles and being totally exhausted, then 12 miles, then 15 and I haven't stopped yet. You're doing great and it's fantastic to see someone take hold of things like you're doing.



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        Thanks AMF for the thumps up.

        Wow!!!! I can easily see how folks can get addicted to any type of sports or exercise, especially if it suits them.

        The rainy season as started in Florida but I'm still taking out my bike to work even though I usually get caught in those late afternoon downpours on the way home.

        Now that's dedication for you or maybe stupidity or a little of both. Can't decide.

        I do like that feeling of warm rain on my face and the smell of it on ferns, grass and earth. Not crazy about looking like a wet cat by the time I get home though. That cheap, Dollar Store poncho I have just gets soaked after a while and it flies all over the place.