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  • From the "I'm not drunk - it's MS" file

    I became alarmed recently when I read about a woman who was attending an open air concert (in the Texas heat) and experienced a worsening of MS symptoms, stumbled, and was arrested for public drunkenness. I too have become suddenly very weak in public spaces and need assistance. I can't imagine being arrested for it! So I decided the best way to protect myself was to finally buy a medical alert bracelet.

    Here is news article:

    (I bought a not so ugly medical alert bracelet on line.)

    Have any of you ever heard about such mix-ups?

    I feel that we all, MSers, caregivers, doctors, and groups like the MS society are not doing a good enough job educating the public about symptoms of this disease when these type of things occur. Even the news article appears to not have a good understanding about the difference between a flare and a temporary worsening of symptoms due to heat, fatigue, etc. How can we better educate people? To see this "invisible disease" and when it is visible, to recognize it?

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    Oh Dear!

    I was approached once when I was still walking by a local officer, as I stumbled out of my pickup and into a store to get some lunch.

    I looked him square in the eye and said,"Multiple sclerosis" and he beat a hasty retreat back to his cruiser. Guess some cops have a bit more common sense.

    Medic alert bracelet sounds like a good idea though!
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